Your donations are much appreciated. They support our programs in necessary ways (like paying our administrative costs and insurance). Thank you.

Suggested Donations:

All Moon Walks & Family Nature Club programs: $7 per person / $21 per family*

* family price includes families up to 4 people

Registering is easy!

  1. Read the program descriptions (on our website or in your email), and decide which programs you want to attend.
  2. Send us an email at Registering in advance by email helps us plan our programs. We will send you a confirmation email with site details and an attached Registration and Release forms. You can download and print a Registration and Release form HERE. Please fill out both pages for each adult participant (forms can be printed double sided to save paper and postage).  Alternately, you can send us a request via email if you prefer that we print the forms and send them to you in the mail. You will only have to fill these forms out once a year!

Want to support our organization? Your donation goes a long way and lets us know that learning about the world we live in is important to you and our community. To donate: Please mail a check to Wild Whatcom Walks; P.O. Box 1512; Bellingham, WA 98227.

Any questions, please contact  Holly@ 393-7827.

Rachel Castor: Co-founder

Holly Roger: Co-founder, Current Program Coordinator and Naturalist


CHILDREN:  Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Unless otherwise noted, all programs are open to those ages 5 and up.  The naturalists have their own children under five, and know from experience that though they are lots of fun and love the outdoors, they are also much better accommodated by small groups and special attention.  Our family programs are open to up to 30 people, a size that makes it hard to accommodate the young child.  Nature Babies is specially designed to meet the needs of children ages 1-6 years.

PETS:  We love pets, but they can be distracting in group situations.  They may limit how much you are able to participate in our scheduled program activities, and can impact other participants with allergies.  Some sites do not allow dogs, and most sites require dogs to be on leash. Please let us know if you are considering bringing a dog or other pet so that we can advise you as to how well the particular program will accommodate your companion.  Official companion animals for those with seeing, hearing, physical, or other disabilities are always welcome.

FLASHLIGHTS:  Flashlights are just too much fun! Feel free to bring a light with you, but please do not plan to use them during our night walks.  We will spend the first 45 minutes of each night walk developing our night vision, and it takes less than a second for that process to be ruined by an artificial light.  Our naturalists will carry flashlights in case of an emergency.  If you choose to bring a light, the naturalist may guide you when it is appropriate to use it.

SPECIAL CONCERNS:  Please let us know upon registration or at the beginning of the walk if you have any special needs or concerns.

TIME AND DURATION:  We strive to be timely, but our walks do not always end at the specified time.  We get caught up in the moment and the experiences surrounding us.  Please let us know before the walk begins if you will need to leave early, or have a pressing time constraint.

New Programs and Your Suggestions!

Photo by Karl King

We welcome your ideas, feedback, and requests for new and different programs.  Contact us by email at


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