About Us

Wild Whatcom Walks was founded in 2009 by two Bellingham naturalists and mothers concerned about budget cuts being made to outdoor environmental programming for the public.  Through direct experiences in the wild areas of Whatcom County, we hope to awaken your wonder in the natural world.


Rachel Castor – Administrative Director

I am a northwest native.  Raised in Oregon, I have worked as a naturalist in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years.  At the Avery House Nature Center in the Willamette Valley I developed and taught nature education programs with an emphasis on the native oak grassland habitat.  Soil Study, Forest Succession, and Team Building were major focuses of my internship at Moran Outdoor School on Orcas Island, Washington.  There I worked with environmental educator Marta T. Branch and learned much from her many many years in the field.  As the naturalist for the rustic Camp Nor’Wester on John’s Island, Washington, I lived in tipi and enjoyed wood-fired hot showers.  Most of my training, however, comes from my 15 months working for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  With OMSI I had the opportunity to work and teach in lava caves in California, the coastal rain-forests of Western Oregon, the High Desert and Cascade peaks of Central Oregon, and the San Juan Islands in Washington.  My dream is to coordinate a non-profit that creates, funds, and fills year-round positions for environmental, outdoor, and farm educators at local schools. I have now moved with my family to Nelson, B.C.

leo-hollyHolly Roger – Program Coordinator/Administrator

I have been a bug watcher and nature nerd for as long as I can remember. As a child growing up in Michigan, I roamed fields and creeks on the eternal quest for creatures I could bring home to freak out my mother. I migrated to Washington in 1992 and began new adventures exploring Pacific Northwest flora and fauna. After many hours at various community colleges, I graduated from Western Washington University and hold a B. A. in environmental studies, majoring in environmental education. I was a Beach Ranger for the City of Edmonds, and a Naturalist for Discovery Park (Seattle) and Whatcom County Parks. I have enjoyed my years as a camp counselor, director and coordinator for children’s nature day camps at the Whatcom Hills Waldorf School, Discovery Park and the Tennant Lake Interpretive Center in Ferndale. I worked with “Birdman” (Jim Edwards) at Tennant Lake for six years, leading countless school groups, developing and teaching family programs, teacher workshops, Young Naturalists classes and Nature Day Camps.

I am endlessly curious about and awed by the natural world. To me, nature is an ideal playground, research laboratory and sacred place of wonder. I spend as much time as possible playing outside with my two young sons. Research shows that unstructured time outside is great for brain development (all those years coming home filthy was educational! Someone tell my mom!) and the biggest influence for someone who grows up to care about the earth. My goals are to nurture relationships and strengthen our connection with nature. I believe that fostering a person’s wonder about the natural world and knowledge acquired therein, creates a relationship which will inspire living with care and stewardship of the earth.



  1. You go, Gals! I’m so proud of you!

  2. i love this!!!

  3. I had a great time and learned so much today! I can’t wait for another Nature Babies walk.

  4. Holly, Tim and I had a really fun evening on the Full Moon Walk… We look forward to joining you again. Thanks for making us 50 somethings feel like kids again!


    • You’re so welcome. What a fun night!

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