Posted by: holly | June 9, 2010

Big Summer Changes!

Greetings from Wild Whatcom Walks!  Please take a moment to read about the changes occurring this summer, as they affect every aspect of our program.

We’ve Merged!

Beginning in Mid-June, we have official 501(c)(3) status, thanks to our recent partnership with the local youth environmental education program The Explorers’ Club, founded by Aimee Frazier.  Aimee reached out to us in the fall when she was looking to expand her popular program.  Together our non-profit will be known as Wild Whatcom.  A website and new contact information will be coming soon.

Donations Now Deductible!

The merge will enable us to accept tax-deductible donations, open a bank account, apply for grants, and have liability insurance!  It has also brought overhead costs, which necessitate suggesting specific donation amounts for programs, rather than offering programs for free.

Suggested donations:

General Registration: $7 per person / $15 per family*

2010 Yearly Membership: $40 per person / $100 per family* (We appreciate your support of Wild Whatcom Walks! Attend any of our community programs through Jan 2011)

* Family donation includes up to 5 family members

New Forms:

With liability insurance comes the need for liability release and health forms.   Our talented new Administrative Coordinator, Jenny Lee Rae, has created one simple form that includes registration, release, and health history.  Click on this LINK to access a PDF version of the form, which is two pages.  All participants must fill out this form once a year.  This can be done by either printing the form, filling it out, signing it, and mailing it back to us (address below), or by requesting a form be mailed to you.  You can fill this out now, and be done with it, or wait until you are registering for a program.  Each participant will need their own form, but children’s forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

How to Register:

  1. Read the program descriptions (on our website or in your email), and decide which programs you and your family will register for this summer
  2. Email to request a Registration and Release form if you are not already on our email list (we’ve sent them out!)
  3. Print out the form, and fill out both pages for each participant (forms can be printed double sided to save paper and postage).  Alternately, you can send us a request via email if you prefer that we print the forms and send them to you in the mail. You will only have to fill these forms out once a year! Next month, we will send you a small registration form which you can use for subsequent registrations.  Only a single sheet will be necessary for an entire family.  We hope to have online registration soon.
  4. Determine your total donation and write a check to Wild Whatcom Walks.
  5. Mail your check and all forms to
    • Wild Whatcom ; P.O. Box 1512; Bellingham, WA 98227

We recognize that these changes make registration more time consuming and costly and we thank you in advance for your renewed support of WWW.  We greatly appreciate your participation in this community of nature observers and explorers, and hope these changes are as exciting for you as they are for us. You have enabled us to get outside more, and we learn so much from each other!


Rachel and Holly


Wild Whatcom Walks ~ P.O. Box 1512; Bellingham, WA 98227 ~ ~ Holly@ 393-7827.

Rachel Castor: Administrator and Naturalist

Holly Roger: Program Director and Naturalist


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