Posted by: holly | April 8, 2010

New nature programs, by request.

Wild Whatcom Walks presents two new natural history programs this month, by donation! Please join your neighborhood naturalists Rachel Castor and Holly Roger as we sprout, seeking the light of inspiration. We are now offering New Moon Mornings & Ladies Night Out, in addition to our Walk When the Moon is Full program.

New Moon Mornings

Salamander Meander

Saturday, April 17th, 1 pm-3 pm

Whatcom Falls Park (specifics when you register).

A nature adventure in the light of day? Oh my! We will seek out the cold blooded ones in all their dark and moist hiding places. Take care to bring your gardening gloves on this adventure. Human hands feel like frying pans to amphibians.

Ladies Night Out

Saturday, April 24th, 7 pm-9 pm.

Location announced upon registration

Come hither, thither and yon. A women-only gathering on a gibbous moon waxing to fullness. Circle around as we have for generations before us and for generations to come. Together we will explore, contemplate, seek inspiration and soak in the moonlight.


We greatly appreciate your donations. Group size is limited so registration is required. Register via email ( or call Rachel at 392-8992.


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