Posted by: holly | March 6, 2010

A Beary Good Time

“In February the Appalachian Mountains from Canada to Georgia were rigid with winter’s ice and snow. And yet the great stone and earthen mountain range seemed to breathe. It breathed in with the thaw of day and out with the freeze of night. The breathing moved the sap up trees in the warmth of the sunlight and down again by the chill of the moon. The thaw and freeze split rocks and eroded chasms, and it brought hibernating creatures to consciousness and put them back to sleep again.

February is the moon of awakening and sleeping, the moon of the bears. In their dens on mountainsides, in hollows, under logs, beside trees, they are coming slowly out of, and then sliding back into, their winter sleep. They are not alone in this. The plants and animals are all stirring and stopping under the moon of the bears.”   – The Moon of the Bears (The Thirteen Moons): Jean Craighead George


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