Posted by: holly | November 3, 2009


Ella Higginson - Bayview CemetaryFour Leaf Clover
I know a place where the sun is like gold,
And the cherry blossoms burst with snow,
And down underneath is the loveliest nook,
Where the four leaf clovers grow.

One leaf for hope, and one is for faith,
And one is for love, you know,
And God put another in for luck,
If you search, you will find where they grow.

But you must have hope, and you must have faith,
You must love and be strong – and so,
If you work, if you wait, you will find the place
Where the four leaf clovers grow.

– Ella Higginson, poet laureate

Thank you to all who attended our beautiful Dia de los Muertos walk Sunday at Bayview Cemetary.  I think it was my favorite Full Moon Walk thus far!  This moon we honored coyotes, who we learned have a den in Bayview Cemetary.  It is also the moon of wolves.  In honor of this graceful predator, I invite you to visit Conservation Northwest’s website.  They are working to preserve habitat for wolves in our state.  They are inviting supporters to attend a meeting about wolves in Mt. Vernon with the state department of Fish and Wildlife this month.  We are lucky to be blessed with such WILD life in our state.

Link Here to Conservation Northwest’s website.


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