Posted by: holly | October 26, 2009

September Poetry

The full leaves are kindling

The day is an ember

Summer is being whispered awayBigger than Aine's head!

Day’s last play of light

Opalescent on the waves.

Heron swoops low.

The last bat circumnavigates.

Summer is being whispered away.

The bay plays percussion.

I hear waves crashing on the rocks,

Wind whistling in the leaves,

Birds flying, drogonflies passing by,

Summer being whispered away

Taking stock: rock, tree, light, stump,

Fungi spotted maple leaves,

a person silouetted against  lights on the bridge,

Joyful waves – hypnotic and mesmerizing,

The moon  watching me,

Summer being whispered away

In the fantastic quiet

I imagined the first gray whale visited me,

a sealion came to shore,

Deer left footprints alongside mine,

And Summer was whispered away.

(Boulevard Park, October 2009, Moon of the Falling Leaves)


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