Posted by: holly | October 26, 2009

Amphibious Serenade

Stimpson Nature PreserveTo master my mind

To meditate under the moonlight?


The burping, belching bullfrog

Has befriended me.

Birdsong punctuated by beaver percussion

Thrushes spinning spiral sonnets

The hum of a million tiny live things

The smell of green and brown

Moist forest-hum shared

I heard the birds overhead gossiping and tattleing,

And wondered if I was beneath their conversation

Or the subject of it.

(July 2009, Moon of Cougars and Ripe Berries, Stimpson Nature Preserve)



  1. That burping Bullfrog always seems to be the culprit, great stuff reminds of Russel Edson, very witty and funny

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