Posted by: holly | June 13, 2009

June Walk Attracts Crowds


Photo by Karl King

We had a very welcome problem this month – too many participants!  Thank you so much to those who registered.  All our walks require pre-registration.  Sadly, our walk filled up a week before the event at Semiamoo and we were turning people away.  On the night of the walk however, twice as many people attended as were registered.  Of course we couldn’t say no to anyone who had made the effort to attend.  Because of scheduling difficulties, I was not able to attend, and Holly led the doubly-full walk on her own (Go Holly!)  I was so sad to miss it!  Even with some helpers, Holly wasn’t able to get everyone’s contact information so that we could invite all the participants to our next program.  Both Holly and I hope that many of you, especially those who were participating in our programs for the first time, will have a chance to experience one of our smaller, more intimate programs.  We hope to see you all again soon, and plan to expand our moon walks to accomodate more participants.  It is so wonderful to feel we have found a niche in the community, and are bringing more people out to enjoy the natural places of Whatcom County.  Check back again soon for information about our next walk which will take place near the July 7th full moon – the moon of ripening berries.


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